Software for Biobanking

The diversity of biobanks with their specific aims and samples leads to many different requirements for biobanking software. Modular software design helps to maintain flexibility by allowing addition of components with the functionality needed for a specific biobanking project.

The OBiBa project develops Open source Biobanking software components, which is used by many different biobanks in combination with home-made and commercial tools.
Available components include:
Onyx is a web-based application that manages participant baseline interviews at assessment centres or clinics. To learn more about what Onyx can do for your biobank, see the features page.
Opal is OBiBa’s core database application for biobanks. To learn more about what Opal can do for your biobank, see the features page.
The P3G consortium software overview provides more information about the software used by different biobanking projects.

Software for small Biobanks storing DNA samples:
LOVD 2.0 - The Leiden Open source Variation Database software has been developed to facilitate easy setup and maintenance of web-based locus-specific databases. LOVD2 is easy to use and adapt for biobanking purposes by creating custom columns, which allow storage of sample data and other information.

Bioinformatic Tools

General bioinformatics information can be found on the [x]omics page.