Report: A community standard format for the representation of protein affinity reagents

Protein affinity reagents (PARs), most commonly antibodies, are essential reagents for protein characterization in basic research, biotechnology and diagnostics, as well as the fastest growing class of therapeutics. Large numbers of PARs are available commercially; however their quality is often uncertain. In addition, currently available PARs cover only a fraction of the human proteome, and their cost is prohibitive for proteome-scale applications.

Welcome to BBMRI WP4 - Biomolecular Tools and Resources

WP4 will develop a concept to integrate existing biomolecular resources, technologies, standards and know-how into the operational concept of BBMRI, and provide molecular tools for interrogation of biobanked samples. The focus areas will be to catalogue and ensure the availability of antibodies and other binding reagents as affinity probes for the detection of proteins in biobanked samples e.g. as potential biomarkers, together with resources for experimental procedures to be employed in analysis of biobanked samples.