Welcome to BBMRI WP4 - Biomolecular Tools and Resources

WP4 will develop a concept to integrate existing biomolecular resources, technologies, standards and know-how into the operational concept of BBMRI, and provide molecular tools for interrogation of biobanked samples. The focus areas will be to catalogue and ensure the availability of antibodies and other binding reagents as affinity probes for the detection of proteins in biobanked samples e.g. as potential biomarkers, together with resources for experimental procedures to be employed in analysis of biobanked samples. Resources of DNA and proteins will be included where they are directly relevant to these aims, e.g. as means of raising antibodies or performing sample analyses. The WP will work towards the establishment of standards for sample analysis and develop linked web resources and databases for the reagents and technologies. The efforts will directly complement the resources of WP3 towards biomarker discovery.


Ulf Landegren
Rudbeck Laboratory Uppsala University
E-mail: ulf.landegren(o)genpat.uu.se
T: +46 18 471 4910
F: +46 18 471 4808

Mike Taussig
Babraham Bioscience Technologies
E-mail: mike.taussig(o)bbsrc.ac.uk
T : +44 1223 496557
F : -

Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Linneaus Centre for Bioinformatics, SLU
E-mail: erikbong(o)mac.com
T: +46 18 672121
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